MCHAP for Emerging Architecture

John Hill
26. May 2014
Poli House. Photo: Cristobal Palma / Estudio Palma

In mid-February, the IIT College of Architecture announced the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize, a biennial prize that will recognize the most distinguished architectural works built in North and South America. The prize consists of the MCHAP and the MCHAP for Emerging Architecture; the former will be announced in July, and the latter was awarded at a benefit dinner on May 20 to Pezo von Ellrichshausen's Poli House in Tome, Chile, completed in 2005. The project won over 46 other nominated projects, three of which were finalists with the Poli House:  Juan Pablo Corvalan / Susuka / Supersudaca's Kiltro House in Chile, 5468796 Architecture's OMS Stage in Canada, and Ball Nogues's Maximilian's Schell in Los Angeles.

Map of 265 nominated built works for MCHAP and MCHAP for Emerging Architecture

The MCHAP for Emerging Architecture raises some interest in the forthcoming MCHAP, which is asking jury members to pick from more than 200 nominated works that include Koning Eizenberg's 28th Street Apartments, Frank Gehry's 8 Spruce Street, Studio Gang's Aqua Tower, LTL Architects' Arthouse at the Jones Center, WEISS/MANFREDI's Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center, and Allied Works' Clyfford Still Museum, to name just a few. A better grasp on what's nominated comes from seeing the geographic spread in the map at left. Stay tuned for the announcement of the MCHAP finalists and winner.

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