Lucas Museum of Narrative Art: New Renderings and a Groundbreaking

John Hill
14. March 2018
Image: MAD Architects

Ahead of its groundbreaking on Wednesday, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has released new renderings of the building designed by MAD Architects for Exposition Park in Los Angeles.

The ceremonial shovels in dirt is a long time coming – more than a decade, given the time George Lucas spent trying to get his pet project done first in San Francisco and then Chicago before it ended up in Los Angeles. Consistency beyond Lucas – the man and bank account behind the $1 billion museum – is found in architect Ma Yansong, whose MAD Architects designed the proposals for Chicago and Los Agneles.

MAD's latest renderings refine the building's exterior, which we last saw in May 2017, but also give us a peek inside:

Image: MAD Architects

We also get an idea of the eleven-acre park that will surround the museum:

Image: MAD Architects

Completion of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is slated for 2021.

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