Australian Gold Medal to Julie Eizenberg and Hank Koning

John Hill
24. June 2019
Julie Eizenberg and Hank Koning (Photo courtesy of KoningEizenberg Architecture)

Architects Julie Eizenberg and Hank Koning of Santa Monica, California's KoningEizenberg have been named the 2019 recipients of the Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal.

Considered the Institute's highest honor, the Gold Medal "recognizes distinguished service by architects who have designed or executed buildings of high merit, produced work of great distinction resulting in the advancement of architecture or endowed the profession of architecture in a distinguished manner."

Pico Branch Library, Santa Monica, California, 2014 (Photo courtesy of KoningEizenberg Architecture)

In awarding this year's Gold Medal to Julie Eizenberg and Hank Koning, who both trained at the University of Melbourne and UCLA before establishing KoningEizenberg Architecture in 1981, the Australian Institute of Architects said, "Their shared sense of empowerment and opportunity is embedded in their design of strong community spaces, lasting social sustainable environments, and innovative armatures for learning."

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2005 (Photo courtesy of KoningEizenberg Architecture)

Some of the KoningEizenberg projects mentioned in the June 21st announcement are the Geffen Academy at UCLA,the Pico Branch Library, 28th Street Supportive Housing, Belmar Apartments, and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Their first building in Australia, the forthcoming Student Pavilion at the University of Melbourne, was said to "resonate with their overt commitment to producing outstanding architecture."

The University of Melbourne New Student Precinct, Melbourne, Australia, 2022 (Photo courtesy of KoningEizenberg Architecture)

The Gold Medal jury consisted of Clare Cousins (President, Australian Institute of Architects), Richard Kirk (Immediate Past President, Australian Institute of Architects), Peter Elliott (Principal, Peter Elliott Architecture and Urban Design), Emma Williamson (Principal, The Fulcrum Agency), and Kerry Clare (Director, Clare Design).

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