'Architects Advocate' Launches

John Hill
30. August 2016
Image via Architects Advocate

Architects Advocate Action on Climate Change, a platform made up of "architects dedicated to healthy and livable communities, and guided by scientific consensus and reason," publicly launches on the first of September.

As explained on the Architects Advocate website, the platform asserts:

  • We believe a healthy environment is a Civil Right. 
  • We need to enact meaningful legislation to mitigate Climate Change.
  • [We need to] Speak out publicly and share how your actions create livable communities.

Initiated by Chicago architecture firm Krueck + Sexton, the environmental awareness campaign is made up of a long list of Chicago firms, including these W-A member firms:
Note: After Architects Advocate launches on Thursday, this post will be updated to reflect any additional information provided on the platform and its campaign to raise awareness about climate change and a healthy built environment.

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