Wright's Guggenheim, in Vase Form

John Hill
7. April 2015
Vase #2 (All photographs courtesy of Gert-Jan Soepenberg)

Next week is the annual Salone del Mobile in Milano, where product designer and interior architect Gert-Jan Soepenberg is launching Vase #2, a tribute to the design and form of Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum.

Previously Soepenberg unveiled Vase #1, which was inspired by Oscar Niemeyer's Palácio da Alvorada in Brasilia; it is visible with Vase #2 in the below photo of the designer's workshop.

Vase #2 visible in front of Vase #1 in Soepenberg's workshop

While the predecessor picks up on a structural component of Neimeyer's building, Vase #2 looks to the space of the Guggenheim, in essence creating a solid from the void.

Guggenheim Interior

Yet Soepenberg creates another inversion by flipping the tapered form of the Guggenheim atrium, such that the vase is wider at its base than its top.

Vase #2

The object is made from a self-built rotational moulding machine, and the production process can be viewed live from 14 – 19 April 2015 during the Salone del Mobile at Ventura Lambrate.

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