Prince's Architectural Urn

John Hill
17. October 2016
Image via People

The ashes of the late, great Prince, have been interred in a model of his Paisley Park Studios, now on display within the full-sized building.

As reported by People, "When Paisley Park opened its doors as a museum last Thursday, many fans were surprised to discover that the late singer’s ashes were on display in an elaborate custom-designed urn co-designed by Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson and nephew President Nelson."

In 1985 Prince commissioned architect Bret Thoeny to design a 55,000 square foot residence with a recording studio, sound stage and other admittedly non-domestic facilities. Given the size of Paisley Park and its multifaceted nature, its transition to a museum was relatively easy, though a replica of it being used for Prince's final resting place is still a bit of a surprise. Yet it makes sense, since, as People puts it, "it was his studio, his sanctuary, and — most importantly — his home. It was where so much music began."

The dollhouse-like urn, which is 14 inches tall and 18 inches wide, even has an interior, modeled on the atrium in Paisley Park and featuring a purple grand piano. So where are his ashes? Reportedly in one of the front columns of the replica. Any confusion at to what modern white building the model represents is deterred by the purple "Artist Formerly Known as Prince" symbol, something even more expressive of the musician than the place he called home.

Image via People

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