John Hill
22. January 2015
All photos: John Hill/World-Architects

World-Architects got a sneek peek today of Bjarke Ingels Group's HOT TO COLD exhibition, opening Saturday at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

BIG's ambitious exhibition lines the perimeter of the huge atrium on the NBM's second floor. The models, suspended from the third floor, project into the atrium space, the first time such an approach has been done at the NBM. Each project is accompanied by descriptions and other visual information, and an adjacent gallery displays films on a number of BIG's completed buildings. A full review of the exhibition will be posted next week, so in the meantime here are some photos from today's preview.

Bjarke Ingels giving the press a tour of HOT TO COLD.
The exhibition consists of many study models as well as finished models.
A large model of W57 sits in one corner of the atrium.
The globe marks the beginning of the exhibition, which moves in a counterclockwise direction around the atrium.
The model boxes are visible from the first floor below, highlighted by BIG's project icons and a color that refers to the project's location within the HOT TO COLD climate spectrum.

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