Hello Wood's POP-UP Park

John Hill
28. August 2018
Photo: BVA - Budapest City Identity Nonprofit Ltd

Budapest's Hello Wood has revived its POP-UP Park for the second straight year. Now in a more colorful iteration, the temporary installation revives Városháza Park, an underused public space next to City Hall in the architecture studio's hometown.

The POP-UP Park echoes last year's installation with its undulating wood seating, but this year a rainbow palette makes the park a bit more photogenic – and potentially inviting to passersby. Further enticing people are charging stations, workout and sports equipment, and chess tables.

Hello Wood's POP-UP Park is open to the public 24 hours a day until the end of October.

The POP-UP Park features colorful furnishings both functional and whimsical. (Photo: BVA - Budapest City Identity Nonprofit Ltd)
The undulating wood surfaces are accompanied by palm plants and olive trees to lend the square "a sense of the Mediterranean." (Photo: BVA - Budapest City Identity Nonprofit Ltd)
Sail shades are included to help cut down on the intense summer sun and make the wood seating more inviting. (Photo: BVA - Budapest City Identity Nonprofit Ltd)
Sports equipment is meant to signal Budapest's European Capital of Sport honors next year. The curved ping pong tables are new to us: they are actually Teqball tables, a Hungarian invention that combines table tennis and football. (Photo: BVA - Budapest City Identity Nonprofit Ltd)

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