Disappear Here

 John Hill
4. May 2018
Photo: Andy Matthews
RIBA's Architecture Gallery at 66 Portland Place in London recently opened Disappear Here: On perspective and other kinds of space, where Sam Jacob Studio explores "how perspective drawing has been applied to the art of building for centuries and used as a tool to evoke illusory architectural spaces."
Sam Jacob mined the extensive RIBA Collection to display original drawings and early writings that "trace the lineage of perspective from the Renaissance to present day." But the exhibition design, captured here in photos provided by RIBA, is also an active part of Disappear Here: Visitors are meant to become active participants in the space, whose "deceptive murals" and "playful architectural structures" were arranged according to the rules of perspective.

In Jacob's words, "This commission gave us the opportunity to explore how perspective has not only been used to illustrate the world but also how it creates and organises the world." Furthemore, "For this installation we wanted to create a space where visitors can experience the essentially illusory nature of perspective and question the making and breaking of rules."

Disappear Here is on disply until 7 October 2018.
Photo: Andy Matthews
Photo: Andy Matthews
Photo: Andy Matthews
Photo: Andy Matthews
Sam Jacob (Photo: Andy Matthews)

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