CMY Pavilion

John Hill
14. July 2015
Photo: René de Wit

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Rotterdam's Shift has transformed the Tschumi pavilion in Groningen from a clear glass box to a kaleidoscope of color.

Bernard Tschumi was one of five "Deconstructivist" architects commissioned by the city of Groningen in 1990 to design temporary pavilions for the city. Those by Zaha Hadid, Coop Himmelbau and Peter Eiseman were demolished, but Rem Koolhaas's bus stop and Tschumi's Glass Pavilion remains, the latter since renamed the Tschumi Pavilion.

Originally designed as a space for watching videos, the pavilion has been a canvas for artists for the last two decades. With CMY Pavilion, Shift are the first architects to intervene, applying translucent films in the colors cyan, magenta and yellow onto the glass. Per a statement from the Tschumi Pavilion, "The pavilion turns into a three dimensional graphic piece that changes continuously with the movement of the spectator."

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