Bauhaus on Wheels

 John Hill
8. January 2019
The "Wohnmaschine" parked in front of the workshop wing of the Bauhaus building in Dessau (Photo: Mirko Mielke, via Savvy Contemporary)
A 15-square-meter trailer resembling the workshop wing of the famous Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany, will travel from Dessau to Berlin and beyond in 2019 to celebrate the Bauhaus centennial and invite people "to question the complex heritage of modernity."
The "Wohnmaschine," as the movable masterpiece of modernism is being called, is part of Savvy Contemporary's Spinning Triangles project, which "seeks to challenge and act against the inherent, neocolonial power structures in design practices, theory and teaching​." In this sense, the rolling Bauhaus is a symbol of the European colonialism that the project aims to counter through talks and workshops as well as a reading room in the apartment-like space.

Conceived by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, the rolling Bauhaus clone will host events in Dessau this month and then move to Berlin to participate in the "100 years of bauhaus" at Akademie der Künste. After that it will travel overseas to Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Hong Kong, according to Dezeen, where we spotted this Bauhaus on wheels.

​See also "The Bauhaus Anniversary at a Glance" for information on other events related to the Bauhaus's 100th anniversary.
Van Bo Le-Mentzel atop the "Wohnmaschine" (Photo: Mirko Mielke, via Savvy Contemporary)

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