John Hill
15. March 2018
Luftwerk, "Haze," 2018 (All photographs courtesy of Volume Gallery)
Luftwerk, the artistic collaboration of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero, is more than adept at manipulating light and color. A new solo show at Volume Gallery in Chicago is the impressive result of a decade of the duo's research, experimentation, and installations.
Last month we highlighted Luftwerk's contribution to the 150 Media Stream, a rotating video installation in the lobby of 150 North Riverside, linking to their afterglow exhibition at Volume Gallery. Here we present some images from afterglow, focusing on the shifting colors of Haze, a large installation made with wallpaper and LED, as well as a couple other pieces from the show, which runs until April 7th.
Luftwerk, "Haze," 2018
Luftwerk, "Haze," 2018
Luftwerk, "Haze," 2018
Luftwerk, "Haze," 2018
Luftwerk, "Horizon," 2018
Luftwerk, "Hue #1," 2018
Installation view showing "Horizontal" and "Haze"
Installation view showing "Haze," "Hue #1" and "Hue #2"

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