A Flowering Facade

John Hill
20. June 2019
Photo © STGK Inc.

Last year, the Shirayuri Gakuen Junior & Senior High School in Chiyoda City, Tokyo, added Paulinian Hall. The building's most outstanding feature is a metallic screen designed by STGK Inc. that is made up of a grid of three-dimensional "flowers" inspired by lilies.

The mid-block building, designed by Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei, sits on the north edge of the school's sizable campus. (Photo © STGK Inc.)
The "lilies" are framed by a hexagonal grid that combine to create unique shadow patterns. (Photo © STGK Inc.)
Seeing the screens from a classroom gives a sense of scale to the "flowers" and frames, and conveys the dramatic presence they have inside the building. (Photo © STGK Inc.)

Visit STGK Inc's profile on Japan-Architects to see more of the facade of Shirayuri Gakuen Paulinian Hall, including how the pattern was incorporated into the carpets and other parts of the interior, and how the facade was fabricated.

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