Watch the 'Hive' Grow

John Hill
19. June 2017
Construction as of 12:20pm, 19 Jun 2017 (Photo: Courtesy of Work Zone Cam)

The National Building Museum and Work Zone Cam have provided a video showing the live construction of Studio Gang's "Hive," which will open inside the Washington, DC, museum on the 4th of July.

Studio Gang's Hive – the fourth of NBM's annual Summer Block Party installations – was unveiled in April as 2,700 wound paper tubes that "vary in size from several inches to 10 feet high and will be interlocked to create three dynamic interconnected, domed chambers." The base of those domes is visible in an almost Mickey Mouse silhoutte on the floor of the atrium. From the vantage point of the construction camera (courtesy of Work Zone Cam) the reflective silver exterior and magenta interior of the tubes are pronounced.

A timelapse of the construction to date is below, but to track the construction progress between now and the Hive's opening, visit the Hive page on the NBM website. Hive will be on display from 4 July to 4 September 2017.

Rendering of the 60-foot-tall installation (Image © Studio Gang)

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