The 2020 YTAA Winners in Film

John Hill
7. October 2021
The YTAA winners and jurors at Palazzo Michiel on September 28, 2021. (Photo: Manuel Silvestri)

The winners of the Young Talent Architecture Award 2020 received their awards in a ceremony on September 28 at Palazzo Michiel in Venice. To celebrate their victories and the hard work the winners put into their student projects, here we present the short films documenting their projects — four as part of the third biennial YTAA and three in the inaugural YTAA - Asia Edition.

Although it has been one year since we reported on the winners of YTAA 2020 and YTAA 2020 - Asia Edition, the pandemic pushed an in-person celebration back a full year, specifically to September 28, 2021, and the "Educating Together" symposium, a collateral event of the Venice Architecture Biennale, which was also delayed a year. The event, which took place at Palazzo Michiel and was streamed live online, gave the winners an opportunity to meet each other and also participate in debates with jury members, organizers, and other partners in the YTAA. Specifically, two panel debates took place: "Educating together" and "New European Bauhaus: How will we live together?"

Oya Atalay Franck, president of EAAE (European Association for Architectural Education), moderated the first debate, which featured jury members and YTAA winners discussing architecture education in Europe, Chile and Korea. In it, Atalay described the award as "an amazing project." Furthermore, she said "it’s a step in certain biographies but is also about manifesting the quality that matters to us all and matters to everybody who inhabits this planet. We really have to put our best together to create a graceful environment."

The second panel was moderated by Anna Ramos, director of Fundació Mies van der Rohe, and included a few more YTAA winners and a jury member addressing the Biennale theme, How will we live together?, in the context of the New European Bauhaus, an initiative announced in September 2020 that "calls on all Europeans to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls."

The streamed event can be seen in its entirety on YouTube.

The YTAA awards given out on September 28, 2021. (Photo: Manuel Silvestri)

Following the award ceremony, Ramos wrapped up the event by saying, "this has been a journey full of lessons and learnings and I am thankful to jurors and the younger generation that are teaching us so much." Although the event marked the end of YTAA 2020, it also meant, Ramos said, "the beginning of Young Talent Architecture Award 2023." Stay tuned for more information on the next YTAA as information becomes available.

Inserted between the debates were presentations of the films the "young talents" made documenting their projects. Those short films are embedded below, starting with the four winners of YTAA 2020. Click on the links beneath the videos to see the projects.


'OASI' by Álvaro Alcázar Del Águila, Eduard Llargués, Roser Garcia, Sergio Sangalli

Off the Grid.

'Off the Grid.' by Willem Hubrechts

Stage for the City

'Stage for the City' by Monika Marinova

Three places to inhabit the mountain range in the Maule region.

'Three places to inhabit the mountain range in the Maule region.' by Pía Montero, Maria Jesús Molina, Antonia Ossa

And here are the short films of the three winners of the YTAA 2020 - Asia Edition. Again, click on the links beneath the videos to see the projects.

Mending the gap: Landscape conservation for the island of Aliabet

'Mending the gap: Landscape conservation for the island of Aliabet' by Shreeni Benjamin

The Wall - Children’s Teaching Restaurant

'The Wall - Children’s Teaching Restaurant' by Peiquan Ma, Yuan Liu, Jing Cheng, Yuxuan Liang, Zi'ang Li

Yulgok street

'Yulgok street' by JiSoo Kim

YTAA is organized by the Fundació Mies van der Rohe with the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union, in collaboration with the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) and the Architects' Council of Europe (ACE-CAE); World-Architects as founding partner; the European Cultural Centre as a partner in Venice; the sponsorship of Jung, Jansen and Regent; and the support of USM.

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