RUF's Curry Stone Design Prize

John Hill
2. October 2015
Jintai Village Houses (Photo: RUF, courtesy of Curry Stone)

A short film from Curry Stone highlights the work of Rural Urban Framework (RUF), the firm of Joshua Bolchover and John Lin that has been named the 2015 recipient of the Curry Stone Design Prize.

Seeing China's rural landscape as "the frontlines of the urbanization process," RUF has worked pro bono through its association with the University of Hong Kong to realize schools, hospitals and other community buildings in places overshadowed by China's massive development efforts. To date RUF has completed twelve projects, including a hospital in Angdong Village, a school in Qinmo Village and new eco-homes in Shijia Village. 

Bolchover and Lin discuss their process and some of their projects in the six-minute film, which clearly shows why they deserve the Curry Stone Design Prize, which is awarded each year "to honor innovative projects that use design to address pressing social justice issues."

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