Hiroshi Sambuichi's 'The Water'

John Hill
7. June 2017
Photo: Screenshot

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art speaks with Hiroshi Sambuichi about The Water, an installation in the subterranean cisterns of Frederiksberg, Denmark, and the Japanese architect's first project outside of his native country.

Sambuichi explains in the interview how his architecture strives to return a site to what it was originally. In the case of the place in Frederiksberg, he was enamored with its original name, Solbjerg, meaning "Sunhill." Accordingly, he cut an opening in the top of the cisterns to "join the sun with the water" for the first time in 150 years. Made up simply of the opening, a wooden walkway, some moss, a glass cube, and a periscope framing a view of the adjacent palace, The Water is a simple yet dramatic installation that expresses Sambuichi's view of nature born from his upbringing in Japan's Inland Sea.

The Water is on display in the Cisternerne until 2 February 2018.

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