Glenn Murcutt Talks MPavilion

John Hill
26. March 2020
Glenn Murcutt and Naomi Milgrom (Photo: John Betts)

The 2019 MPavilion, designed by Australian architect Glenn Murcutt, closed on March 18 after its four-month run in Melbourne's Queen Victoria Gardens. A new podcast series includes a conversation between Murcutt and MPavilion organizer Naomi Milgrom.

The one-hour conversation with host Peter Maddison took place on November 16, 2019, inside Murcutt's MPavilion, meaning much of what architect and client discussed was around them and the crowd who came to listen. Check out our headline from November to see more of the design: a simple rectangular structure capped by fabric stretched across a frame. Murcutt describes, among other things in the talk, what inspired that form.

Photo: John Gollings
Visit MPavilion's website to listen to Glenn Murcutt and Naomi Milgrom in conversation with Peter Maddison. (Alternate link: Soundcloud)

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