Chapel of Sound

John Hill
30. November 2021
Photo: Screenshot

OPEN Architecture's Chapel of Sound is a semi-outdoor concert hall this sits on the floor of a valley north of Beijing famous for hosting remnants of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. A short film captures the spatial and acoustical qualities of the recently completed building.

Shaped like an inverted cone and made from layers of concrete mixed with an aggregate of crushed local mineral-rich rocks, the Chapel of Sound is designed acoustically for musical performances but can also be used as a space for contemplation and community gatherings, per the architects. The boulder-like building is pierced by openings on the sides that frame views of the valley and on the roof for views of the sky and admit rain and other sounds of nature. The short film by OPEN Architecture captures the sound of rain, wind, and insects in and around the building, though coming to the fore is its suitability for music, courtesy of a lone musician seen playing a handpan in various parts of the building. Needless to say, be sure to watch with the sound on!

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