Being Ed Mazria

John Hill
14. November 2019
Ed Mazria talking about population growth, one thing that led him to found Architecture 2030 in 2002. (Photo: Screenshot)

Ed Mazria, founder and CEO of Architecture 2030, is profiled in a short film from Redshift by Autodesk, which reveals his path from basketball to architecture to a non-profit aimed at making the built environment "a central part of the solution to the climate crisis" rather than a contributor to it.

Being the public face of Architecture 2030, most architects know who Ed Mazria is. Many architects, like myself, have probably seen him speak, which he has done regularly in the United States and abroad, educating architects about Architecture 2030 and its efforts to decarbonize the built environment and convincing them to take positive steps toward designing carbon-neutral buildings. Many of Architecture 2030's initiatives have been adopted by professional bodies, most notably the 2030 Challenge, which was created in 2006, adopted by the American Institute of Architects, and led the AIA to form the 2030 Commitment.

But what about Mazria's own background? How did a respected architect and educator on the West Coat of the United States come to start a non-profit of national and international importance? And how did he become an architect in the first place? This short film has answers to these and other questions you may have about being Ed Mazria:

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