Aftermath_ Catalonia in Venice, a dialogue between film and architecture

Silvia Pujalte Toledo
1. June 2016
Catalan Pavilion (Photo:Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre)

Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice. Architecture beyond architects is a collateral event presented by the Ramon Llull Institute within the framework of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition.

The project, curated by architects Jaume Prat and Jelena Prokopljević and film director Isaki Lacuesta, presents a dialogue between architectural and cinematic languages.

The below video previews the exhibition which is open to the public from 28th May to 27th November 2016. Its aim is to unite film and architecture in an audio-visual installation by creating overlapping narratives between seven Catalan architecture projects through visual, sound, material or conceptual connections.


We wanted to visit the works one by one and film them, night and day; we wanted to record them at all hours, as if Monet had formed an alliance with the Lumières to record the changes of light and of the lives of the citizens around Rouen. In short, we wanted the buildings to get fed up and leave before us. And if they didn’t leave (they’re stubborn, buildings) at least we wanted to see the sun rise and set there, have dinner, walk, listen to the north wind and the sounds, go to the toilet, sing and take note of the route of each reverberation, spend enough time there to discover shapes. Indeed, what we would like is to find in each of the works a point of view which the architects hadn’t yet discovered, and be able to offer it to them as a token of gratitude: make them a gift of an unnoticed chink in their own work

say the curators Jaume Prat, Jelena Prokopljević and Isaki Lacuesta.

In fact, Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice. Architecture beyond Architects, focuses on lived architecture, when architects are no longer present and users extend the architectural experience day by day.

Each of the architectural works collected together in the audio-visual installations are public interventions by Catalan architects made during the last ten years:

ENVIRONMENTAL REHABILITATION OF THE LLOBREGAT RIVER, Barcelona (2007-2015) by BATLLE I ROIG Arquitectes (Enric Batlle I Joan Roig)

CERDANYA CROSS-BORDER HOSPITAL IN PUIGCERDÀ (2007-2012) by the architects BRULLET-PINEDA (Manuel Brullet Tenas, Alfonso de Luna Colldefors, Albert de Pineda Álvarez)

TORRE JÚLIA. Assisted housing for the elderly (2004-2011) in Barcelona, by Pau Vidal, Sergi Pons, Ricard Galiana

ATLÀNTIDA PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE (2004-2010) in Vic, by Josep Llinàs, Josep Llobet, Pedro Ayesta, Laia Vives

SAINT-ROCH PARKING GARAGE (2012-2015) by ARCHIKUBIK (Marc Chalamanch, Miquel Lacasta, Carmen Santana) in Montpellier

FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTRE-CAMPCLAR (SDA) (2014) by NUA Arquitectures (Maria Rius, Arnau Tiñena, Ferran Tiñena) in Tarragona

CAN BATLLÓ (2011 under construction) in Barcelona, coordinated by Can Batlló Community, LaCol - architects- cooperative.

Catalan Pavilion (Photo:Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre)
Catalan Pavilion (Photo:Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre)
Catalan Pavilion (Photo:Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre)
Catalan Pavilion (Photo:Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre)

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