'A Tomb with a View'

John Hill
23. January 2017
Photo: Screenshot

A Tomb with a View is a short film directed by Ryan J. Noth that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014. It takes a look at the Memorial Necrópole Ecumênica, the world's tallest cemetery, located in Santos, Brazil.

Although Memorial Necrópole Ecumeênica's 14-story building is not architecturally significant – it resembles a resort rather than a memorial – the idea of building a vertical necropolis, echoing the Brazilian city itself, is intriguing. The success of the project since its inception in 1983 means it continues to expand; according to Noth's Fifth Town Films website, it is "soon to be the tallest building in Santos."

If this statement from Fifth Town Films is accurate, we should see more shorts from Noth that tackle similar topics: "A Tomb With A View is a chapter of a feature documentary and interactive project focused on the way physical legacies communicate the past to the present. The film explores unique locations and their equally compelling inhabitants, to examine the need to leave a mark, including a digital life after death."

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