A 'Strange' Suburbia

John Hill
9. November 2017
Photo: Screenshot

On the eve of a new exhibition, Island, opening in New York on November 18th, NOWNESS presents a short film about artist Ian Strange, whose work "explores the loaded connection people have to homes."

We learned about the Australian-born, Brooklyn-based artist in 2014, when he created Final Act, a multimedia project that treated some of the thousands of homes slated for demolition after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake as canvases for cutting and illumination. The same approach, which obviously signals the influence of Gordon Matta-Clark, peppers the numerous other works presented in the NOWNESS film. In Strange's words: "I wouldn't have expected that I'd still be making work on this theme, but it seems to keep giving back or asking more questions, so I can go out and pick at these ideas through different projects."

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