K18-house「Terrace House」


写真@Yousuke Harigane


福岡県, Japan, 2019


福岡県, Japan, 2019

N12-House「回遊テラスのあるガレージハウス」は、福岡県朝倉市の眺望の良い丘陵に位置する別荘地での計画です。周辺環境は、豊かな自然に囲まれ南側は見晴らしの良い緩やかな傾斜地となっています。  本住宅は、セカンドハウスとして休日にお施主様がゆっくりと寛いで過ごせる非日常...

G2-house [ Facing house ]

福岡県 , Japan, 2017

This project is located in rural area of Mii city in Fukuoka Prefecture Japan. The buiding was designed to have minimum opening on the o...

I6-House [ House with sunlight through the…

Nagasaki, Japan, 2017

I6-House is a design plan for a house that is located in continuously developing rural housing area in Isahaya city Nagasaki Prefecture.

N10-House [ House with View terrace ]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2017

N10-House [ House with View terrace ] is design project located in a slightly elevated hill site on high density housing area in central ...

Y9-house [ Modeling in the air ]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2016

[Modeling in the air] project is a house reconstruction plan that interconnected with a pediatrics clinics that owned by a client from Fu...

M10-house [ House with objects ]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2016

M10-House「House with Objects」was a design planned in a corner lot in area crowded with houses and mansion right inside the heart of Fukuo...

T11-house Renovation [ The house in the trees ]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2015

T11-house Renovation [ The house in the trees ] is design project located in peaceful and rich rural environment surrounded by woods and ...

Y8-house [house of wood and stone]

Nagasaki, Japan, 2015

House of wood and stone was built in quite residential area at the top of the hill in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture.Living, dining, office ...

I3-house [modeling on the hill]

Miyazaki, Japan, 2015

As we proceed with the design, it was necessary to consider legal restrictions and regulation regarding the cliff on southeast part, and ...


宮崎県, Japan, 2014

N8-house [Ⅲ-BOX]

Nagasaki, Japan, 2014

The concept of this designing is to ensure the privacy and safety, and also create a living space which makes family members happy and ea...

I2-house [court house]

Nagasaki, Japan, 2014

Considering the environment of the house, the protection of privacy, bringing natural light and wind inside and using the site floor area...

N10-house [house of grid]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2014

This project aims to build a dwelling house for two generations which can ensure good communication within family and also protect person...

M6-house [house of geometry]

Kumamoto, Japan, 2014

Generally, the site area in Japanese cities is smaller than European and American. Therefore, the concept of this house is the sense of l...

Y7-house [Second house with a view of the sea]

Nagasaki, Japan, 2014

In order not to destroy sloping land, I made basis protrude from flat terrain and designed one part of house floating from ground and ext...

M-B.L.D [Architecture of curve and line]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2013

Located in Fukuoka City, city center, this Building was designed as a rent apartments for people who live alone. As a rental apartments b...

D-house "House of Polygon"

Saga, Japan, 2013

There are same styles of houses made by house maker surrounding the site. So my concept of D-house is to stand out and become a unique on...

M4-house "House of Overlap"

Nagasaki, Japan, 2013

The concept of M4-house is: protecting privacy and security; creating a happy and safe space for family; making full use of site.Appearan...

A2-house "shell house"

Fukuoka, Japan, 2013

To satisfy the needs of owner [A house that family can live in safely], this design’s main concept is protecting family from variou...

U3-house "House of Corridor"

Fukuoka, Japan, 2012

There is an elongated light court in the center of house. I took light court as center and set living & dining room, study room, children...

K5-house [House of Slow Life]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2012

I design this house with the concept of harmonizing architecture and natural environment to make the family live a slow happy life with n...

Y2-house・Y3-house "House of Warp and Woof"

Nagasaki, Japan, 2012

This site is located in Sasebo City.Since grandmother of the owner had been lived in rent apartment that was exist in this land from long...

H-house "Race Round the house"

Fukuoka, Japan, 2012

North side of the site is a road and three other sides are adjacent to other residences. This house is for a cheerful family of four: hus...


福岡県, Japan, 2011

U2-house "House of Skyline"

Kumamoto, Japan, 2011

The place is in the top of heights, so we can see the famous mountain scenery of ASO. I want owner husband and wife to feel the four sea...

I-house [House of Horizon]

Nagasaki, Japan, 2011

The building has a beautifully aesthetic form that makes it appear to be floating in the air. The north side facing the road is flat and ...

T3-house [house with stages]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2010

The distinguishing feature of the house with a stage is a creative exterior view that presents a feeling of coziness while eliciting the ...


福岡県, Japan, 2009


福岡県, Japan, 2009

K2-house [house of light corridor]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2009

"The light of the corridor house"was located in a quite area. Eventhough the surrounding houses is built with deployment plan in parallel...

T-house "House with Light Garden"

Fukuoka, Japan, 2009

tried to create a facade design that incorporated a lot of the park’s greenery, where local people gathered to relax.We created a simple ...

N2-house [Clipped house]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2008

Considering adjacent housing to the north front road side of the site, minimum number of opening are provided against the front north roa...

N3-house [house of pastoral]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2008

Harmony with nature is a major concept of Rural house. This idea encompasses the meaning of the family living in the house being accepted...


福岡県, Japan, 2005

Y-house [house of atrium]

Fukuoka, Japan, 2005

My main concept is: protecting privacy and safety; bringing sunlight and wind into the house.I design parking space for cars and bicycles...

A-house [BOX house]

Tokyo, Japan, 2003

It is an office and two household dwelling planned in the residential area of setagaya ward .The first floor is utilized as equipment com...

SPAZIO B.L.D [Cloister Patio]

Fukuoka, Japan, 1999

It is a five floor office and rental apartment building with one basement. The first floor has two entrance acted as face for the office ...


福岡県, Japan, 1997

Aotopia TAIYO「曲面の建築」

佐賀県, Japan, 1997


福岡県, Japan, 1997


Fukuoka, Japan, 1996

The front of the square and the triangle is a transparent glass cube, creating the induction and transparency of the entire facility to t...

CHAGAL B.L.D [Peristyle]

Hyogo, Japan, 1993

Chagall building was designed in a high-traffic area facing the main street of Hankyu Sannomiya Station. In consideration of the rich, th...