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Since 1997, AllesWirdGut has been working on projects of different scales - from urban strategies to interior design. The pragmatic approach searches for the potential of the given context. By looking at so-called problems as chances, new unexpected possibilities come into existence. The goal beyond the given task is to find additional qualities in order to realise them. The four architects of AllesWirdGut met at the Technical University of Vienna (TU) where first common projects were created. What distinguishes the team is the input of diversified characters as well as the co-operation without hierarchies and without specialisations.

The actual formula for success of the young architects is team spirit. The building task is analised thoroughly, nothing is forbidden on principle, a lot is possible. The logic answer at first sight is not always the best. As a result surprising methods of resolutions occur for both the builder and the architects. Those methods are reviewed and perfected mutualy.

AllesWirdGut puts ist emphasis on contents and synergies – on ressources that complement one another and therefore serve economic functions. Architecture is not an end in itself, the stress is laid on the benefit. Good architecture should not be more expensive - but simply be more efficient! By the use of interesting arrangements of space, intelligent development and astonishing overlaps of utilisations the projects become exciting. Varying possibilities of use make architecture.

to a manifold object of utility. Conceptional bonus points bring the special added value on. The gag that occurs in most of the projects shows that AllesWirdGut enjoys surprises, new stuff and architecture itself.

Otto Kapfinger once wrote about AllesWirdGut: „The four shooting stars coming from the province with their Viennese office are anything but affirmatively blue eyed as you could understand by their office name. Glas clear urban economical analyses and design concepts that are astonishingly mature are at the bottom of sharp project titles, the glamorous montage and the comic-perspective. The decorative utopia of some architecture boy-groups has nothing to do with AllesWirdGut. AllesWirdGut is rather a motto of a fresh, unprejudiced approach to problem zones that seem to be unattractive or saturated by stereotypes. In this business it is demonstrably not enough only to think positively. However, an impertinence that is emotionlessly awake and energetic is able to speed up the confrontation with the bulky nature of urban realities to the point of objective conceptional dynamic. And that is the trade mark of all AllesWirdGut-projects.“

Wien, Austria
  • München, Germany