Inagawa Cemetery Warehouse

Hyogo, Japan

Our aim is to find the simplest and most innovative spatial composition, construction method or other architectural technique that will provide a coherent, clever, and logical solution to the design problems of each project. To do so, we investigate and analyze the customer’s requests, observe the urban context, investigate the social interactions that will take place in the structure, acknowledge local history, culture, building codes and natural environment, and study a range of building materials and techniques.

■ Kanda Terrace was selected Blueprint Awards 2018-Commended.
■ Kanda Terrace was awarded Good Design Award 2018.
■ Kanda Terrace was selected A+ Awards2018 +Facades People’s Choice.
■ Kanda Terrace was selected Iconic Awards 2018 Best of Best.
■ Kanda Terrace was selected JCD Design Awards 2018 Best100.
■ Kanda Terrace was awarded AZ Awards of Merit 2018.
■ New York Corner 161 was awarded International Property Awards Asia Pacific 2017-2018.
■ New York Corner 161 was awarded Good Design Award 2017.

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