Santa Engracia

San Pedro G.G., Mexiko
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rdlp arquitectos
San Pedro G.G., Mexiko
Arq. José Juan Garza Cavazos, Arq. Imelda Montenegro Guerra

Santa Engracia is a house located at the end of a cul-de-sac on a private residential street that has one of the city’s best panoramic views of the Sierra Madre. Santa Engracia arises from an architecture in which spaces flow, integrate and offer an experience that adapts to the residents’ needs. The house takes full advantage of the views of the mountains to the south.

This project is located on grounds with some of the best views of the south of the city. The design was developed in a series of planes that reveal different facets and paths within the residence.

In order to achieve transformation and adaptability, a square-shaped house that can entirely open up to the garden was proposed. From the exterior, the right angle was emphasized through two walls that cross the house from side to side.

The walls, in addition to defining the spaces, separate the circulation areas from the others. The selected materials were appropriate for the region’s extreme weather. A facade ventilation system was included in the walls with the greatest exposure to the sun.

On the roof, gardens with low-maintenance regional plants were installed over a volcanic rock bed to reduce the solar impact.

On the second floor, where the family room is located, an inclined slab was designed in a common area that serves as an overlook to enjoy the magnificent view of the Sierra Madre and the rest of the city.

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