Auditorium ESB

Barcelona, Spanien
Foto © Oriol Gómez
Foto © Oriol Gómez
Foto © Oriol Gómez
Foto © Oriol Gómez
Foto © Oriol Gómez
Foto © Oriol Gómez
Foto © Oriol Gómez
Foto © Oriol Gómez
sandy brunner Architektur
Carrer Alfons XII, 99 -105, 08006 Barcelona, Spanien
Escuela Suiza de Barcelona

This intervention is characterized by providing functionality, light, spatial clarity and rhythim to the existing space. It is a project to improve the facilities of the Swiss School of Barcelona, investing in the spatial and sensory quality of the existing building.

One of the fundamental parts of the project is spatial cleanliness. The space is used both as an auditorium and as the school's dining room. Therefore, it is important to set up and dismantle the furniture, making the space versatile. The furniture has been designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, being contained and integrated within the wall of the large room. This versatility and multifunctionality make the space much more flexible and adaptable to new scenarios.

It is worth mentioning that the project also gains in light and spaciousness. Dark areas are clarified, disruptive elements are eliminated, and the existing windows are better utilized. It is important to highlight the subtle use of color which, combined with wood, gives the space serenity and warmth.

We are facing a musical space where the educational community can enjoy concerts and events. If there is one thing music has in common with architecture, it is rhythm. This rhythm is reflected in the project idea and was the guiding thread of the design of this space. The rhythm and harmony of musical notes were represented through the use of light between the wooden slats, forming a large staff.

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