1. Model
2. Entrance
Foto © Marisa Baumgartner
3. Entrance view
Foto © Marisa Baumgartner
4. Living room
Foto © Marisa Baumgartner
5. Patio view
Foto © Marisa Baumgartner
6. Main room balcony
Foto © Marisa Baumgartner
7. Balconi-Loggia
Foto © Marisa Baumgartner
8. Terrace-Swimming Pool
9. Parapet detail
Foto © Marisa Baumgartner
10. Terrace Patio
Foto © Marisa Baumgartner
11. Exterior detail

PR_105/10 Realisation of a villa

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Placed in an extrême side of a trianglar shaped piece of land, the plot due to its particular topographie offers two different levels of access. An embasement solves the height difference, above which the two level house develops.

In the lower front the garage connected with an interior patio that provides light within the interior of the plinth. In the opposite side, in the higher part of the plot, the pedestrian accès.

Conceptually, the house can be decomposed in to volumes assembled. The first one, lower, built in lime green coloured pre-cast concrete. It shelters the social areas. The other, partially suspended and coated in travertin, gathers the night spaces.

The plastic composition of the house consist in a first vertical plan constructed in painted precast concrete and a second, higher, in travertine stone.

The interior spaces extend through this raised volume creating hollows that become 'balconies-loggias' over the green surroundings.

An outside terrace and a swimming pool corridor appears as the direct extension of the social areas of the ground floor.


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