Kent Vale Staff Housing


MKPL Architects is an architectural firm formed in March 1995 with the aim of combining master planning, architecture, landscape, interior and furniture design to produce a total design product. the firm's design philosophy focuses on creating strong, clear architecture forms and spaces that are comfortable and livable, viewing the vernacular and regional culture as a rich resource that can suggest appropriate solutions and references. Advances in technology and construction are also embraced as opening existing possibilities in ways of living and interacting with the environment.

The underlying conviction is that Architecture is important to our everyday lives. It influences the way we live, work and play. On a broader perspective, it reflects and even inspires new perception and appreciation of our physical environment.

MKPL Architects brings to every design brief a fresh perspective - through extensive discussion with client to fully understand their needs; through brainstorming to synthesize the needs into an architecturally strong solution. Every design is site and programme specific. The architecture is always seeking an underlying distillation of the complex to achieve the simple and will be evidenced by the distinct components and the unifying wholeness.

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