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L W P A C, Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture is a multidisciplinary architecture and design firm that engages at the interface between architecture, urban culture and technology. The firm is deeply engaged in design that facilitates connective, adaptable and generative building solutions as sustainable platforms for life. 


The firm was founded by principals Oliver Lang and Cynthia Wilson in 1998 in New York City, and has been based in Vancouver BC Canada since 1999. LWPAC’s work has been broadly recognized with a Governor General’s and Lieutenant Governor’s Medals Awards of Excellence among another significant recognitions for innovation and design excellence, including most recently 3 consecutive Urban Design Awards by the City of Vancouver. In 2014 LWPAC won the high profile commission to design the future Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, a public art museum. The firm has pioneered a new approach to mixed use urban housing that integrates livability, community focus, sustainability and affordability into one consistent yet adaptable design and construction solution through the use of an off-site prefabricated housing technology systems platform.




At LWPAC we design performance based architectural solutions for people and culture. We engage with complex problems without a preconceived notion of form, style or composition. As leaders in collaboration and teamwork we consider broad sets of variables, study potential outcomes from various vantage points and integrate evolving sets of interdependent criteria. We create platforms for life, that are sustainable and beautiful while enabling urban culture to unfold. 



Instead of accepting fixed form we create buildings that perform in response to profound challenges of change through urbanization, global warming, affordability pressures, lifestyle, aspirations and economies. We accommodate necessary transformation through design that connected rich cultural memories into an evolving vibrant future. We don’t take the everyday for granted. Instead we ask relevant questions about what is typically assumed wondering why repetition and one-fits-all is the norm, when the ever greater richness of culture and the desires for individuality and community suggest otherwise? From observation, knowledge and analysis we envision surprising, delightful and relevant buildings that stand the test of time.



As agents of change LWPAC empowers communities, tenants, clients and industry sectors through our practice. We operate as part of teams through deep collaboration. As enabling design thinkers and makers we have, for almost 20 years, consistently delivered knowledge, leadership, innovation and proven award winning solutions to each project. 



Fully driven through parametric digital design, advanced engineering and use of renewable resources and energy, our platform driven design can provide customization for client needs, end user adaptation and flexibility to respond/engage with the variable nature of contexts.



Our approach is a new paradigm for design technology driven housing systems that generate buildings that are simultaneously affordable, sustainable and highly livable while creating urban communities and platforms for life at a new cost-benefit paradigm.



As Agents of Change LWPAC is a Practice of Change, constantly innovating how we operate;

Driven by Parametric Design, we adapt and write code to create the most integrated information based process from project initiation through design towards implementation and completion; Our work is infused by evolving knowledge from our in-house research group.



Global warming and the emergence of a global metropolitan affordability crises are the most pressing issues of our time. Fortuitously we live in a time of rapid technological innovation. LWPAC is at the forefront to deploy urban innovation, advanced systems technology and  the use of mass timber / renewable materials in combination with low energy and zero energy Passive House design . Through deep design and technology integration we create more with less, creating building that are both sustainable, affordable and highly livable.

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