Nicola Russi

Ph.D Architect - Partner
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Nicola Russi is associate professor in Architectural and Urban Composition at Politecnico di Torino from 2016. Formerly professor in Urban Composition at Politecnico di Milano from 2008 to 2016. Member of the Executive Board of ANCSA, National Association af Historical and Artistic Centers. His principal fields of research are focused on the areas of Urban design and Architecture by investigating strategies
of regeneration and contextual design. Recent international activities include the research carried on with Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland for the development of the historical center of Dublin. From 2008 to 2009 project consultant at the Technical Urbanism Office of Milan’s municipality for the new master plan of the city.

Angelica Sylos Labini

Architect - Partner
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Studied Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and Barcellona. After working in several offices like Herrera (Barcelona), Cls architects (Milan), Albori architects (Milan), F
& P architects (Milan), in 2008 she founded Laboratorio Permanente together with Nicola Russi in Milan. In 2013 she attended the workshops series: Architecture and Management, SDA Bocconi Milan.