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500 route des Envignes. Neydens, Neydens, Frankreich
1–5 Stockwerke

This sports, Leisure and Shopping Centre with an approximate built area of 50.000m2 includes a sport centre, a water park with various indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a health centre, a hotel, a restaurant and a shopping area offering all kinds of products related to health and well-being. 


The complex, conceived as a fully environmentally-responsible project is labelled HQE (“Haute Qualité Environmentale”) and can be considered an emblematic reference of this architectural philosophy. This was the main question L35 had to consider in the design: the complex had to respect the surroundings and minimise the impact on the environment and landscape. The firm proposed a series of integrated volumes which would hide under ondulating green roofs harmonising with the surrounding fields.

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