Design of the underground space and architecture desing for Central Plaza in Zhujiang New Town

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Guangzhou, China

The city of Guangzhou is located between the Zhu River and Baiyun Mountain, and the new town is located at the important economic development axes of the whole city. Hence it will form an important part of the central commercial core of Guangzhou in the 21st century. The task was to develop the centre plaza as the "living room" of the city and as an important node on the new town central axes. The main objectives for the design concept of the central plaza are to create a unique landmark, to develop a wonderful underground world and to initiate a vivid 24h-activity-area in the form of a beautiful recreation park and a luxurious shop-tainment area. The entire plaza is divided into diverse sequences of experiences. The five elements: metal, soil, fire, wood and water characterize the different squares and create exciting scenery.

Guangzhou Xinzhongzhou Construction Co., Ltd

Planning area
140 ha

In cooperation with
Germany AWA- Architektin Ruiwen Wang Associates United Architects

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