Foto © Eugeni Pons
Foto © Eugeni Pons
Foto © Eugeni Pons
Foto © Eugeni Pons
Bild © Jordi Hidalgo Tané

Fish Market

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Sant Joans les Fonts - St. Antòni, 15 , La Garrotxa, Spanien
1–5 Stockwerke

We tried to remember the simplicity of the fish markets, stalls consist of tables supported on a carousel on which are placed boxes of fish. We define the existing envelope as a neutral aluminum box with a continuous concrete pavement and a small differentiation between the height of the ceiling area and the area of counter freezers. One white armor is located in the area that clearly defines the work area and the area for the costumers. The shape of the table remind us of the  fishmonger's hand when he undicates the fish we'd like to buy.

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