Foto © Giona Bierens de Haan
Foto © Louis Dasselborne
Foto © Florencia Rovlich
Foto © Florencia Rovlich

El Extraordinario Cine Argentino

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Cafayate, Argentinien
0 – 100.000

The work is an encounter with the magical lands of Salta province in the north of Argentina and is motivated by the construction of a new myth to be added to the numerous pre-existing list of magical stories from the region. The colossal screen is constructed with wood and aims to resemble an old-fashion cultural structure. The
cinema opens for free for a whole month, every night, and plays independent movies that movie-makers sent from all around Argentina. After a month of projections and events (radio shows, art workshops, parties), the cinema is taken down. Today, only a memory remained in people’s minds. The project is an experimentation exploring the broad meaning of the word “culture”.

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