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+ Architecture is in essence the creation of space with light. + The added value of atmosphere is the most sound ‘cost’ in construction. It is here that the experience is the most profound, which is something that withstands the test of time. + Throughout history, we cultivated a sensitivity for the ever changing light in Europe. Our need for natural light is higher than elsewhere. Working with light yields an interesting play between space and atmosphere. + It is in the urban environment that the tension between drawing light and sight (privacy) is the greatest. + It is this tension that draws the most creativity! + Every project is unique: the environment and the light is always different. + Tension yields extra value: mass/cavity, rough/smooth, private/public, seethrough/filtered,… + Enplus Architecten has a high reputation with its clients for creating a sober but daring modern architecture, with balanced atmospheres and tactile materials. +“To anticipate” is an important motto of our architecture firm.

Enplus Architecten was formed by Nicolas Blondeel after running an office under his own name for 22 years. The new concept articulates perfectly where the firm stands for: something more. A piece of poetry, a surprising line of light, turning an issue into a ‘tache-de-beauté’. More value creation for the client through problem solving in design and execution on site. The office exists out of 6 architects, 1 urban planner, 1 interior architect and an architect assistant. Enplus Architecten is specialized in housing, interior design, corporate architecture and new forms of assisted living.

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