Vizag Street beautification

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Visakhapanam, Indien

Vishakapatanam, the 3rd cleanest city invited for proposals for the beautification and branding of the streets. Our design heeded to the city’s value for tourism as a port city, prominent health facilities and its cultural heritage as the main inspiration for aesthetics. The first challenge on the streets was to resolve safe pedestrian
walkways while maintaining clear space for vendors on the carriageway and vehicles on the road. Entries to the plots and the drainage has not been interfered with, while the issue of unorganized parking cluttering the road has been tackled through nuanced designs for the streetscape, the zoning of the road and the street furniture. Refuge islands in a mid-block crossing are provided in-between more than two lanes. The space for foliage, trees and utilities has been designated away from the path of the pedestrian traffic. The footpath zoning system has been followed across all the streets: divided into three main zones: the frontage zone
(also known as “dead width”), the pedestrian zone, and the furniture zone. Street furniture: Seating, lighting poles, dustbins etc. has been designed to reflect
the local aesthetics whilst being multifunctional.

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