Foto © André Nullens
Foto © André Nullens
Foto © André Nullens
Foto © André Nullens
Foto © André Nullens

Addition to an addition

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Goedele Desmet, Ivo Vanhamme, Jurgen Remmerie, Nancy Meysmans, Jean-Michel Culas
Structural Engineering
BAS bvba

Addition to an addition.

The original double-house was completely silted up because of additions through time. The intervention doubles the façades and creates intermediate spaces by adding big surfaces of glass and glass-bricks. The glass screen in the front-façade encloses a privatised terrace, which becomes part of the kitchen. In the back, the fully glazed façade accomodates the living room with daylight and connects the house to the garden. Along the new and compact staircase functional rooms are implanted. This second extension tries to create a logical unity by the use of materials and a reviewed circulation in the house.

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