Design + Production = Protection

John Hill
25. März 2020
Photo © Nagami Design

Ávila‎, Spain's Nagami Design, a design brand that specializes in 3D printing, has put its furniture production on hold to accelerate the production of the face shields used by health care workers treating people with COVID-19.

Since the novel coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, facial protection is mandatory for doctors and other medical staff who aid in the treatment of the sick but need to stay healthy. Two items are visible in the many news photos of workers in hospitals and at COVID-19 testing sites: an N95 respirator and a plastic face shield. The first fits snugly around the mouth and nose to filter airborne particles, while the second further protects the eyes and other parts of the face not covered by the mask. This second layer of defense is what Nagami Design is producing with its robotic equipment.

Photo © Nagami Design

Specifically, Nagami Design is focused exclusively on producing face shields based on the open-source Prusa design. While that model can be reproduced by 3D printers, Nagami Design developed a robotic version that can print 500 masks per day — seven times more than a desktop 3D printer. Technically, "the masks are produced through robotic extrusion in a layer-by-layer FDM (fused deposition modeling)," per a statement from Nagami Design. "The material used is a PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) which is durable, tough, 100% recyclable, and has robust chemical resistance and high-impact strength." The company has focused its efforts on the local Hospital Provincial de Ávila but will be expanding to nearby Madrid and other regions of Spain. Not surprisingly, inquiries are coming in from the United States, Italy, France, and other countries hit hard by COVID-19.

Photo © Nagami Design
Nagami Design Team: Manuel Jiménez García, Miguel Angel Jiménez García, Ignacio Viguera Ochoa, Alejandro Nieto Jiménez, Luis de la Parra Garcia, Patricia San Segundo Galan, India Carazo, Anna Szonyi   
3D printing support: CV19_Fab_Avila 
Technology support: ABB 
Rubber bands sponsor: Merceria Padilla, Merceria Mordissko, Merceria Ysali, Comunidad china abulense 
Transparency film sponsor: Tecnipapel, Imagen, Libreria letras, Libreria Atenea, App Las Damas, Hiper Office, Politecnica de Avila, Bricoaguilar 
Printing material sponsor: Politecnica de Ávila, Jose Luis Jimenez 
Plastic filament: Sicnova 
Packaging: Blueboxes Smart Wash, Esembal 
Tool support: Mecanizados Jimar, Mecanizados Castilla 
Coordination and deliveries: Protección Civil de Ávila   

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