Research Center of Modular Architecture

Czech Republic
Visualització © LAN
Visualització © LAN
Visualització © LAN
Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers

July 2019 (Czech Republic) - CHYBIK + KRISTOF ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS break ground on KOMA MODULAR’s Research Center of Modular Architecture in the Czech Republic, in a new design system, opening new ways of designing with modules. While celebrated for its sustainable and holistic nature, modular architecture requires a significantly higher design complexity, challenging architects to depart from the standard rectangular construction and spaces. In a reimagination of spatial configurations, CHYBIK + KRISTOF instead turn their attention to creating organic shapes, through the vacancies between modules. The project is set to be complete in 2020.

While modular structures are usually created by placing right-angled modules side by side, CHYBIK + KRISTOF realize new spatial possibilities through a custom combination. Spatial modules containing facilities are leveled onto the planar flooring modules, which are anchored to the foundation. Both modules then function as columns, allowing them to hold the roof modules and form a continuous main space. Making sure to keep the workplace breathable, all- glass surfaces between the modules draw in an abundance of light from all sides of the structure, while a pair of skylights further relaxes the space. The Research Center will be a prototype of a new, adaptable system for various projects.

Adaptable to the needs of engineers and guest researchers, the center in KOMA MODULAR’s production grounds will feature 12 individual working stations, as well as a main space for collaborative research projects. The building will serve as a flexible space for developing new ideas in modular constructions and a think-tank for the KOMA MODULAR factory. The open, shared central space will be spatially organized and segmented to avoid negative aspects of large open space offices, maintaining a collaborative community with fluid structure. Drapes and other mobile elements will allow the space to be to further sectioned.

As one of the most prominent employers in the region and influencer of modular architecture, KOMA MODULAR’s company base integrates the needs of its employees and visitors, functioning beyond a manufacturing site. The work on the research center itself was preceded by designing a masterplan for an entrance and a public area for the factory. This zone is created around a triangular courtyard with greenery and a multifunctional amphitheater. Two sides of the courtyard are created by previously completed projects between architects and KOMA, the canteen and EXPO pavilion.

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