Reconstruction of flat in panel house

Prague, Czech Republic
redesigned floor plan
original floor plan from 1970´s
RDTH architekti
0 - 100.000
1-5 pisos
Tamara Kolaříková, René Dlesk

The young family inherited an apartment in a panel house from the 1970s, which did not undergo any changes before the architects intervened in 2020. The original apartment core was so authentic that after an agreement between the architects and the Moravian Gallery in Brno, it became part of its permanent exhibition.
The aim was to reconstruct the apartment with an area of ​​68 m2 so it allows free use of living space and also privacy in two bedrooms of family members. The reconstruction is sincere, not suppressing the utilitarian character of panel housing.
The new layout solution is radical, clean. The main living room now occupies almost half the area of ​​the apartment and opens across the entire width of the building, 12 meters. In the middle there is a kitchen and storage space, at the east end there is a space for a dining room and on the west, a living area is separable by a curtain. However, the use of this generous space with an area of ​​37.8 m2 is in the hands of the apartment owners. There is a bathroom behind the kitchen. It is illuminated by daylight through an opening above the kitchen desk, which is covered by frosted glass.
The material of the apartment is intertwined with layers of original, rough surfaces and new, minimalist interior elements. The original walls are cleaned concrete, in some rooms, it is covered with one coat of white paint to show the character of the panel walls. Marmoleum is newly laid on the floor, which is close in nature to panel construction. The bathrooms are lined with a network of pink tiles measuring 20x10cm. The lighting of the apartment is solved by ice profiles in shapes that enhance the nature of individual rooms. All built-in furniture is white, matte. The appearance of the apartment is completed by free-standing furniture from Czech manufacturers, room flowers, white curtains, and common daily necessities.

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