NEXT: LWPAC @ Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Fotografia © Kristopher Grunert
Fotografia © Kristopher Grunert
Fotografia © Kristopher Grunert
Fotografia © LWPAC
Visualització © LWPAC
Fotografia © LWPAC
LWPAC - Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture
750 Hornby St., Vancouver, BC, Canada

The design and installation of the Next:LWPAC - Emerging Artists on the pacific Rim follows an invitation by the Vancouver Art Gallery to LWPAC to showcase their design thinking and create a new prototype gallery platform. We responded by creating an spatial exhibition system that serves three main issues:


1. To designing a spatial strategy and system that is adaptive to curatorial processes in which space is the resultant of the interaction between artist, curators, visitor and available space


2. Stimulate a multi-media interpretative visitor interaction with integration of video projection, sound zones and variable lighting.


3. Protoype various assemblies that would allow for a multiplicity of implementations and unexpected perceptions.


The spatial strategy and parametrically controlled design together with computer numerically controlled prefabricated exhibition system allow for spaces that can range from complete neutrality to highly articulated moments of emphasis and interaction. In order to work within the concepts of abstraction and new media, the project deliberately deploys the idea of incompleteness by focusing on the essentials with little or no attempt at a pictorial representation or narrative. Rather than providing a fixed solution, the incompleteness becomes a strategy that leaves the reality partially up to the interaction of curator and artist in their search for spatial potentials. Ultimately, each visitor will interact with the space on his or her own terms.

In reaction to the neutral and static space of the ‘white cube’ approach to viewing artwork, the NEXT: LWPAC gallery offers an interior landscape that shifts and adapts as an invitation to the cultural practice of viewing artwork. The visitor is meant to interact with the artwork, beyond the typically more disengaged or passive experiences.

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