Hotel Regeneration Jurmala Latvia

Jurmala, Liesma, Latvia
SURE Architecture
Jurmala, Liesma, Latvia

Kam Fai TAI
Hotel Liesma

The inspiration for this design was to create a new “song” for the old building. The design brings the old building vibrantly back to life.


We followed some lines to create the new partition. These lines come up and down around the existing building creating their own song. Lines that not only play outside the building but also come inside with one special rhythm, giving a new understanding and a new poetry to the space.

We applied a skin that would become the new face of the old building. Old and new can not be understood by separation but by creating a dialogue between water and light, space and material, nature and construction, landscape and building.


Architecture in a similar way to music can provide form, dimension and materiality to the senses. Music delivers form (tones), dimensions (proportions, time and partitions) and materials (instruments). The structure can be modified as long as the whole song is built upon a melody and rhythm. The complexity (or simplicity) of the structure, defines the strength and beauty of a musical piece.


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