Fotografia © Alex Gaultier
© Alex Gaultier
© Alex Gaultier
Fotografia © Alex Gaultier
© Alex Gaultier
Fotografia © Alex Gaultier
Fotografia © Alex Gaultier

Hafencity public spaces

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Großer Grasbrook, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
1 milió - 100 milions
1-5 pisos

The community overseeing the development of the Port of Hamburg set up a competition to regenerate and urbanize the shores of the River Elbe in the town center. The proposal launched by the EMBT won with a project that stood out by its offer of a great diversity of spaces that would allow Hamburg’s inhabitants and visitors to take advantage of the nearby waterway. The intervention is organized on three levels: at 0 meters, at sea level there are gigantic platforms with access for small ships and recreational boats. On the line of docks, at 4.5 meters above sea level, two rest areas were designed, and on the 7.5 meter (street) level, avenues were laid out, and planted spaces with pergolas that could accompany city visitors on their tours. A system of ramps, stairways, and catwalks connect the different levels. One of the project’s most welcome features is the vegetation: there are many different types and the addition will change the look of the port throughout the seasons of the year, a note of color and contrasts for the city.

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