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Mikou & Mikou Architekten is a place of creation and experimentation in architecture and its inter-disciplinary cross-fertilisation. Every project is an opportunity for challenging and redefining the meaning of a brief, a function in an urban, social and human context, in order to invent new ways of living, places of sharing and gathering which are more sensitive and sensual stimulating an emotional response. For us the programme is not seen as a quantitative forecast to be built but rather as an expression of specific temporal requirements and as one of the most powerful generators of atmospheres and uses. We are experienced in projects at a variety of levels, both architectural and urban. In our office, we try to consider and take advantage of cultural exceptions, and of the geographical and environmental specificity linked to each context, so as to enrich our architectural response which as a result is never global and dehumanised, but is a matter of resonance and continuity. 

Mikou & Mikou Architekten is currently involved in projects throughout France, Switzerland, London and Morocco, with a focus on cultural and educational buildings, housing and offices.

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