House in Satsuma Road

Yachiyo-city, Kumamoto, Japan, 2021

Clinic for All

Tatsugo-cho, Kagosima, Japan, 2020

House in Ginowan

Ginowan, Okinawa, Japan, 2019


Imari, Saga, Japan, 2018

Parents House

Amami City, Kagoshima, Japan, 2018

2019 JAAF Award (Japan Association of Architectural Firms) 2019 Kukan Design Award Gold Prize

One-Room Residence of 5 Layers

Munakata, Fukuoka, Japan, 2016

The site had been left undeveloped as it was a part of steep land. We intended to resolve all the architectural issues by utilizing the c...

House with Scenery

Amami, Kagoshima, Japan, 2015

Kikuchi Eye Clinic

Fukushima, Japan, 2014

Mirano Salone

Milan, Italy, 2014

Booth design for Ritzmell at Salone del Mobile.

Hitachino Orthopedic Clinic

Ibaraki, Japan, 2014

House in Oike

Fukuoka, Japan, 2013

Yamauchi Ladies Clinic

Ehime, Japan, 2013

House in Amamioshima

Kagoshima, Japan, 2013

Miyamoto Eye Clinic

Fukuoka, Japan, 2013

House in Yomitan

Okinawa, Japan, 2012

House in Nakatsu

Oita, Japan, 2012

Amami Kyoraumi Koubow (Bakery)

Kagoshima, Japan, 2011


Fukuoka, Japan, 2011

Kansuikouen Ladies Clinic

Toyama, Japan, 2011

Marifu Dental Clinic

Kagoshima, Japan, 2011

House in Kitanakagusuku

Okinawa, Japan, 2011


Fukuoka, Japan, 2011

Yuu House

Kumamoto, Japan, 2011

House in Nanjo

Okinawa, Japan, 2011

House in Hisayama

Fukuoka, Japan, 2010

House in Kokura

Fukuoka, Japan, 2010

House in Shuri

Okinawa, Japan, 2010

House in Jiromaru

Fukuoka, Japan, 2010

Okamura Clinic

Hiroshima, Japan, 2009

Senda Medical Clinic

Kumamoto, Japan, 2009

House in Hikarinomori

Kumamoto, Japan, 2009

Amami Kyoraumi Koubow

Kagoshima, Japan, 2009

Oohashi Clinic

Aichi, Japan, 2008

House in Munakata

Fukuoka, Japan, 2007

Watanabe Clinic

Fukuoka, Japan, 2005

Minamigaoka Clinic

Saga, Japan, 2005

House in Shiraho

Okinawa, Japan, 2005