Fotografia © Lluís Casals
Fotografia © Lluís Casals
Fotografia © Lluís Casals

Centre Caixa

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Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
5-20 pisos

Multi-purpose complex (tertiary, commercial and residential) consisting of three buildings with different volumes.

The façade of the most representative faces the Avenida Diagonal. This 42-metre glass cube already forms part of the city’s image. Parallel to the cube, is a linear building with the same façade treatment. Between both buildings there is a square that has acquired great relevance over time. Its use as a meeting point and leisure area for the shopping centre allows the installation of outdoor eating areas, creating a dynamic urban ambience that is, at the same time, cosy.

The third volume, with a different treatment and design (residential), is a small brick building that enhances the existing buildings at the back of the lot.

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