Lecturer, Interior Design

Raffles Education Corporation Ltd
Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

1. Monitor and endeavor to maintain high student morale and motivation at all times, both in the Employee’s specific classes and the School in general.

2. Work as necessary to achieve the successful day-to-day operation of classes and the maximum progress of students under the responsibility of the Employee.

3. Assist in maintaining general school discipline and the overall operational stability, integrity and professional image of the School.

4. Monitor and enforce student attendance and punctuality.

5. Counsel individual students regarding attendance, punctuality, academic progress, Student and Administration Services Manager, professional development, behavior as required and in co-operation with the Programme Director, and Academic Director.

6. Maintain accurate and up-to-date records.

7. Advise/notify the Programme Director and Student and Administration Services Manager on any matter of which you are aware which relates either directly or indirectly to your teaching position, school programmes and/or curriculum, school equipment, students, or general school matters.

8. Assist with school promotional activities (Open House, Trade Shows, Education Fairs, etc.) as proposed by the School, both in and out of normal school hours.


1. Bachelor / Master Degree in Interior Design or equivalent from a recognized academic institution.

2. At least 5 years' industry experience with a credible portfolios / practices.

3. Preferably 3 years lecturing experience in Interior Design or any other relevant study areas.

4. Can adapt to a multi-cultural setting with strong interpersonal skills and an ability to handle students of different nationalities.
Nigel Yong
Tlf: +6563385288
[email protected]
Raffles Education Corporation Ltd
Raffles Education Square, 51 Merchant Road
058283 Singapore

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