At Play

Architects At Play is the result of a research process into play and the imagination, built experiments and mythological narratives. The exhibition is essentially centred on the idea of ‘Creating Worlds’. It attempts to bring together two characters: the architect and the child. Children’s games have always been a breeding ground for the invention of ‘Worlds’. Likewise, architects also imagine new ‘Worlds’. These worlds and the mechanisms of invention they rely upon constitute the core of the exhibition,which touches on themes as varied as childhood and education, urban planning, public space, history, architecture, art and creativity—in order to trace the history of imaginary as well as imagined ‘Worlds’. Each one of us is a playful architect. From the solitary hut to the cosmopolitan ark, we build worlds which we inhabits or co-inhabits. The world of play is located in the mysterious interval that connects our subjectivities to external reality. It sometimes happens that architectures crystallize in this ephemeral space, becoming for a while the stage of our lives, the horizon of our habits. This power of imagination is at the heart of the curatorial system in which childhood playgrounds and those of architects, artists and designers meet.

The Lisbon iteration of At Play is organized by Garagem Sul / Centro Cultural de Belém in collaboration with CIVA, Brussels, and was curated by David Malaud, and co-curated by André Tavares, Ivo Poças Martins, Nikolaus Hirsch, and Cédric Libert.

Photo © Pierre Antoine
28 September 2021 to 30 January 2022
Garagem Sul do Centro Cultural de Belém
Praça do Império
1449-003 Lisbon, Portugal
Garagem Sul
Garagem Sul